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fischertechnik Home Education – Dynamic L 2 Marble Run

R2,500.00 Vat Inclusive R2,425.00 Vat Inclusive

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The complete Dynamic L 2 set guarantees even more fun with action models and the three 180° curves.

The 4 high-speed flex-rails with raised side edges let the balls roll at full speed through the curve! The balls simply race through the mechanical cross-over into various tracks. After passing through the loops and other obstacles, the ball finally returns to the elevator waiting point. The balls are then brought back up to the top again by the elevator which is operated by an XS motor. The 3 different action courses with a length of up to 4.50 m offer unlimited fun on the ball obstacle course.

– 780 Components to make 7 models

Age: 9 Years +
Item Size: 39 x 46 x 8 cm