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Edu-Toys – Science & Experiment Electric Kit: 6 Activities

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Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Electric Kit: 6 Activities
Experience the Wonders of Electricity with the Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Electric Kit!

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of electrical circuits and explore the power of electricity? The Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Electric Kit is your gateway to a hands-on journey into the captivating world of electrical science. With 6 electrifying experiments, your child can delve into the fascinating realm of electricity in an educational and entertaining way.

Learn about circuits, switches, conductors, insulators, fuses and more! This wonderful kit includes simple theoretical explanations about voltage, current, amperes, Ohm’s Law, and Morse Code. Build your own light circuits, electric puzzles and electric light bulb.

The Edu-Toys Science & Experiment Electric Kit is more than just a toy – it’s a doorway to the world of scientific discovery. Whether your child dreams of becoming an electrical engineer, a researcher, or simply enjoys exploring the wonders of the physical world, this kit equips them with the tools to nurture their curiosity and understanding of the captivating field of electricity. Embark on an electrifying journey of exploration and enlightenment!

– 1 x Battery holder
– 1 x Circuit Panel Board
– 1 x Small Jar & Cover
– 2 x Resistors
– 1 x Morse Code Key Switch
– 1 x Switch
– 2 x Bulbs & Holders
– 2 x Bulb Holder Clamps
– 12 x Short Plastic-Coated Hook-Up Wires
– 6 x Long Plastic-Coated Hook-Up Wires
– 1 x Brass Strip
– 23 x Brass Fasteners
– 8 x Washers
– 16 x Springs
– Steel Wool
– Instruction Manual

Age: 8 Years +
Item size: 19.5 x 25 x 7 cm