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Greenbean Mathematics – Cuisenaire® Rods Demonstration Clings: 74 Pieces

R436.50 Vat Inclusive

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Maths lessons with Cuisenaire® Rods are an engaging way to teach students number sense, measurement, fractions, ratios and more. Demonstrating is even easier with Demonstration Clings. These classroom essentials stick to almost any smooth, flat surface in the modern classroom setting – no more magnets!

Durable, reusable and washable, they can be rinsed and used over and over again: to clean the clings, rinse them with warm water.

– 74 Pieces: 4 orange rods (approx. 25cm L); 4 blue rods (approx. 23cm L); 4 brown rods (approx. 20cm L); 4 black rods (approx. 18cm L); 4 dark green rods (approx. 15cm L); 4 yellow rods (approx. 13cm L); 6 purple rods (approx. 10cm L); 10 light green rods (approx. 7.5cm L); 12 red rods (approx. 5cm L); and 22 white rods (approx. 2.5cm L)

Age: 5 Years +
Item size: 27.9 x 27.9 x 5.1 cm
Rod size: All rods are approx. 2.5 cm W