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fischertechnik Education – Robotics Advanced

R8,739.05 Vat Inclusive

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A professional and complete learning set on the topic of Robotics for advanced schools, universities, vocational schools, colleges, and for continued education or training.

With over 300 parts, the Advanced Robotics Set offers everything your spectrum of teaching and learning demands: from simple models to highly complex, drivable robots with integrated cameras.

Multiple TXT controllers can be linked. Beginners can quickly and easily start with complete programming modules, while advanced students and experts can use the wide range of applications and expansion options that make Fischer Technik almost unmatched in teaching, research, and industry.

The models can be programmed and controlled with the graphical programming software Robo Pro and the Robotics TXT controller, and are ideal for teaching topics such as data logging, programming and the use of actuators and sensors. The sensors’ data can be collected and plotted on a graph.

Additional didactic information supports users in constructing, programming, and teaching. Additional sensors and actuators like encoder motors, XS motors, push buttons, NTC resistors, phototransistors, and LEDs allow users to build mobile exploratory robots, soccer robots, temperature controllers, and much more! The set is compatible with other Robotics sets.

Main Subjects: Instrumentation and Control, Programming, Interaction between Hardware and Software, Use of Actuators and Sensors.

*Please note Fischertechnik Accu Set Requires: FT-R50284

– 1 x High Powered TXT Controller
– Graphical Programming software ROBO Pro (to control mobile and stationary model robots)
– A Camera for Image Transmission via USB or WiFi

Age: 13 Years +
Item size: 31 x 43 x 9 cm