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fischertechnik Education – Optics & Lights

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Research optical phenomena and experiment with light! The planetary model provides a visual explanation of the phases of the moon as well as solar and lunar eclipses.

Optical lenses with different focal lengths, mirrors, lens tip lamps, and a large number of parts allow students to build a microscope, magnifying glass, telescope, and periscope.

The sundial can be used to tell the time. The model uses fiber optics to explain what a total reflection is, and how light can be used to transmit data. This educational construction set gives students an in- depth look at the world of optics and light.

Optics & Lights can be used in both supervised and unsupervised learning, and is part of the basic equipment at many schools.

Main Subjects: Refraction, Reflection of Light, Light and Shadow, Fiber-optic and Cable, Optic Illusions, and many more.

– 270 x Components to make 15 Models

Age: 6 Years +
Item size: 43 x 31 x 8 cm