Tell Me! What to do: Emergency Situation Cards

  • Brain Play

Discovering, learning and telling – our Story cards contain six different topics. The topic cards can be differentiated very conveniently by their unique frame colours. There are five cards for each topic, which need to be arranged in the proper order. A self-check mechanism on the back helps to find the solution. With the puzzle, the children can familiarise themselves with various everyday situations. In addition, the picture cards foster language development.

Every child can suddenly get into an emergency situation at any time. Dear me! An accident while swimming or cycling can happen quickly. Sometimes, the parents get lost during a busy shopping tour out of a sudden. Very often, it is not your fault that you experience an emergency, when the lift gets stuck, a stranger approaches you or a fire breaks out. But, what do you need to do in such situations? Who can you ask for help?

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