Popular Playthings – Electricity & Magnetic Combination Kit

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Take a look at our Electricity and Magnetic Combination Kit and explore the relationship between electricity and magnets. Each includes a power source, connectors, a set of magnets, instruction booklet and electric current indicators such as light bulbs, speakers and fans. Assemble the hand powered generator by attaching the magnets to the hand crank and power your own electric circuit!

– 1 Power generator parts
– 1 Cylindrical magnet
– 1 Cylindrical magnet frame
– 1 Electromagnet
– 1 Battery power source
– 1 Electric circuit connector
– 1 Sound source
– 1 Set light bulbs
– 1 Fan
– 1 LED light
– 1 Set wire connectors
– 1 Compass part
– 1 Bag with various metal items
– Instruction booklet

Age: 8 Years +
Item size: 34 x 27 x 5 cm

Popular Playthings ensures toy safety and quality is of top priority. All toys made are compliant with with the EN71.


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