• Brain Play

Engage all of their senses as they practice core math concepts.

Unique multi-sensory game play encourages a variety of actions to help reinforce key math skills and content area vocabulary—making it cross–curricular!

Players draw, define aloud, or act out clues to math vocabulary words that classmates must guess.

Includes: • 120 game cards • 20 blank write & wipe cards • 2 write & wipe answer boards • 2 write & wipe markers • Spinner • Sandtimer • Score pat • Activity Guide

Grades: 2-4

Recommended for 4+ players

Learning Style: Visual Skill Development: Social & Behavioral – Different levels of play help support a student’s current ability level and can advance as a student’s skills emerge. This builds self esteem in students and prepares them to tackle challenges with confidence. Math – Playing the game teaches students that there are many ways to get to the same answer. This type of thinking helps meet the needs of diverse students and teaches them that there are different ways to approach and solve a problem. Language – Reinforce math skills through language. As students play they develop a deeper understanding of the abstract math concepts by using language – acting out, drawing, and defining. This game has students using both sides of their brain to play, learn and develop – the creative, right side and the analytical, logical left side. This develops their minds to think creatively and problem solve effectively

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