Brainteaser Gold Edition

Brainteaser Gold Edition

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Item #GBR1015

Three top-sellers in one box! The Brainteaser Gold Edition consists of the games Brain-string, Cross-teaser and Planets for multi-level brain-fun.

Cross-teaser is a unique 3D game for young and old.

Fascinating in it’s simplicity yet hard to solve.

Rotate a colour wheel of your choice into the open space.

The colour wheels can be moved on both sides of the game,with every movement the colour changes.

Every colour wheel is identical.

A square of equal colours appears, with the middle section vacant.

Brain-string Original is a patented brilliant new puzzle game. 

Original comprises a transparent poly-carbonate cube with 12 elastic strings.

Using an ingenious pattern of incisions the strings can be moved through the cube.

The result, complex knots appear on the inside.

The main goal of the game is to switch the outside button colors, without creating a knot inside.

It seems impossible but it can be done! The Planets must be rotated in such a way that each side of the pyramid is the same colour.

Watch out!  A planet can only be rotated if it is in the right position in relation to the other planets! Planets can lock and release each other.

Work your way around the planets until you reach your goal.

Suitable for ages 7+

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